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Zygoma implants

Zygomatic dental implants are a safe solution for severe bone loss. The zygomatic implant treatment involves the placement of one or up to 4 implants in the cheekbone to support fixed teeth.

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What is a Zygoma Implant & who is it for?

Designed specifically for patients with bone loss, zygomatic implants are tilted and much longer than those used in traditional dental implant procedures. While traditional implants are placed in the jawbone, surgeons utilize the zygomatic implant's length to securely place them in the patient's cheekbone (zygoma).

Should the upper jaw be very deficient in bone even in the anterior region, then double Zygoma implants may have to be inserted into both sides of the available cheekbone to support an upper set of replacement teeth.


Diagnostic with CT scan or X-rays

A CT scan or appropriate x-rays is usually taken to ascertain bone quality and quantity


General Anaesthetic

with a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Nuffield Dental.


Full set of Teeth connected

to the implants after 1-3 days

Steps of the Zygoma Implant Treatment

This procedure is done by Dr Kumar typically under Local Anaesthesia. Patients may opt for Intravenous Sedation and General Anaesthesia as well.


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steps of zygoma treatment
what zygo

Determine if you are able to benefit from the All-on-4 procedure or if you would be more suitable for another dental treatment.

What is All-on-4?

A full dental replacement, where an entire jaw of teeth is replaced, is the most challenging of dental reconstructions. 


The All-on-4 treatment simplifies this reconstruction by using 4-6 dental implants (straight or tilted), permitting the provision of immediate temporary fixed bridges for edentulous patients. This is carried out despite limited bone availability.


This protocol has become a popular procedure worldwide.


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2:18 mins

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