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Tubero Pterygoid implants

Pterygoid implant insertion is an alternative to avoid sinus-lifting or other grafting procedures to treat the posterior maxilla.

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What is Tubero Pterygoid Implant ?

Tubers pterygoid implants in Singapore are for patients who do not have enough bone for ordinary implants.


These implants are placed in the 2nd molar area of the upper jaw, known as the sphenoid bone, which is a part of the base of the skull. The dental implants are anchored to the Pterygomaxillary buttress of the upper jaw and allow immediate loading of the implants.

With this procedure, sinus lifts and bone grafts are not performed. This can save the patient up to 6 months of treatment time using conventional sinus lift/ bone graft means.


Steps of the Tubero Pyerygoid Implant

This procedure is done by Dr Kumar typically under Local Anaesthesia. Patients may opt for Intravenous Sedation and General Anaesthesia as well.


Diagnostic with CT scan or X-rays

A CT scan or appropriate x-rays is usually taken to ascertain bone quality and quantity


Placement of Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants

Teeth are extracted and the tubero pterygoid implant will be fixed precisely into your upper jaw.


Interim Tubero Pterygoid Bridge Prostheses

An interim tubero pterygoid bridge prostheses will be used temporarily while your permanent bridge prostheses are being produced.


Final Bridge Prostheses