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The All-On-4 Serangoon gardens restorative option as dental implants

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The expert dentists who work at our All-On-4 Serangoon Gardens facilities are always being asked about the advantages of our dental implants. Our patients who are losing teeth want to know how they can keep a wonderful smile into their golden years or even after an accident.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the advantages of our All-On-4 restorative option as dental implants.

Any time you lose one tooth or even a series of teeth, it can be a traumatic experience. Before this latest innovation, the only option was dentures. Our technology has many advantages over previous choices.

For example, taking advantage of All-On-4 techniques means you’ll never have to worry about your smile again. Over the years, many of our patients have told us about the uncomfortable feeling they get from dentures. Unfortunately, many of these appliances are thick and people can actually see the difference between them and natural teeth.

Our All-On-4 Serangoon Gardens dental implants look and feel just like the natural thing. One of the other big benefits is you won’t be hampered by any of the slurred speech or difficulty eating you can find with dentures.

You’ll also be able to do away with messy and cumbersome denture adhesives. With our dental implant technology. there will be no need to struggle with finding the right kind of adhesives to keep your dentures in place.

You’ll never need to deal with gum pain again with our product. Dentures tend to move around in the mouth and irritate the gums. Our All-On-4 Serangoon Gardens system uses modern tilting posterior implants. Once in place, the new replacement bridge doesn’t move and there’s no irritation or bother for your gums.

If you take a few minutes to look on our website and see the team we put together, you’ll feel comfortable about this procedure. Our experts are well-trained and dedicated to helping patients who are suffering from failing teeth and loose dentures.

Our system also makes full use of that part of the jawbone that is strongest.

One of the other big advantages to the system is you can enjoy all of your favorite foods. If you have missing teeth or loose fitting dentures, your diet can be limited. Our system allows you to chew any food that you’ve always eaten without any pain or fear of dentures that slip.

Why not get in touch with our All-On-4 Serangoon Gardens professionals today?

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