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Multiple Teeth Dental Implants Singapore and Good Candidates

Although everyone can enjoy multiple teeth dental implants Singapore products, some people are more suited to this procedure than others. That doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy the benefits of dental implants, only that some people need a little preparatory work first.

Here’s a few characteristics for a good candidate:

  • People with healthy gums. If you’ve never smoked and you keep up a regular dental hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing, you probably fit in this category.

  • People with good bone in their jaw. That doesn’t mean you can’t get multiple teeth dental implants Singapore if you’ve lost some of your jawbone. We’ll just need to put you through a special procedure first.

  • A dedication to looking after your brand-new dental implants. We can’t stress enough to potential patients how important it is to look after your dental implants. It’s not that hard either. All you need to do is follow the same kind of dental health care routine you did when you had your original teeth.

Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t qualify as good candidates for this kind of dental implant procedure. They shouldn’t be too disappointed if they fall into the following categories however. There are a variety of other procedures that can help you to have a beautiful smile even if you’ve had some dental issues.

For example, if you suffer from uncontrolled diabetes you’re not necessarily a good candidate until you get that disease under control. The reason is simple. Quite often Type III diabetes and severe forms of gum disease go hand-in-hand. Placing dental implants in receding gums won’t give them a chance to anchor properly.

People who smoke should think about quitting before they get dental implants as well. It’s well-documented there are variety of different health issues that come with cigarette and tobacco abuse. Along with cancer, peritonitis is one of the other consequences of smoking over a long period of time.

Getting dental implants is a process. That’s why you should come in and see our dental team so we can perform a proper evaluation. Our team of expert dental professionals will be able to tell you what kind of implant is best for your situation.

The first step is making an appointment to come in and see us. Remember, our core values are integrity, transparency and compassion. We make sure to do a thorough job evaluating before placing multiple teeth dental implants Singapore.

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