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Is dental implant surgery Singapore right for you?

If you’re looking into getting dental implant surgery Singapore, it’s always best to make sure you’re a good candidate before you start. It’s important to keep in mind that replacing a missing tooth right away can save you from having to undergo more expensive treatments later.

Getting an implant is one of the most successful dental surgeries. In fact, research tells us that has a 95% success rate. Here are a few of the factors that can determine whether you’ll be a good candidate.

  • Healthy Bones. Dental implants all need to anchor themselves to the jawbone. Of course, that means one of the most important requirements is having healthy density and bone structure in your jaw. Quite often people who have inadequate bone structure opt for a grafting procedure first.

  • Healthy Gums. Having gums that are healthy is another prerequisite for successful implants. If you have gum disease like gingivitis, you’ll need to have that treated first or the implants can fail.

  • Good Health Generally. There is generally a surgical procedure involved here, so it’s a good idea for all patients to be in excellent health generally. Our dental implant surgery Singapore professionals will be able to help you check all these boxes off so you’ll be ready for your new teeth.

  • A Good Oral Hygiene Routine. If you’re planning on getting dental implants, you need to make sure to back them up with an excellent oral hygiene routine. It’s necessary to have a good brushing and flossing process. You’ll also want to be sure to have regular checkups with your dentist. Long story short is you’ll want to keep up with the same routines you did with your natural teeth.

  • No Bad Habits. If you suffer from teeth clenching, it’s a good idea to look after that before you get any cosmetic surgery done. Many different studies have shown that Bruxism can actually affect the success rate of your dental implants.Of course, if you smoke or eat a lot of sugary foods, you could be flirting with the kind of gum disease that can make implants fail.

If you’re missing your natural teeth, looking into this kind of dental surgery is always a good idea. We have experts on staff who have experience in this field of dentistry. Our offices are comfortable and pleasant so your dental implant surgery Singapore is hassle-free.

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