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Dental Implants Singapore celebrity smiles

The dental implants Singapore we use are popular. That’s because they are made from the most durable materials and placed by expert dental professionals. In fact, if you take a look on the Internet you’ll see that many celebrities understand the positive benefits of dental implants.

Here’s a list of just a few of the big names you know that have taken advantage of this technology.

Jennifer Garner

This is one Hollywood A-lister that has restorative implants that look amazing. Her teeth are wonderfully designed so that they give a stunning impression of the front of her mouth. Because her appearance is so important, there’s no doubt that she’s looked after her oral hygiene after getting the implants.

When you come to us for a similar treatment, we start the process with a free initial consultation. We will discuss your main concerns about dental implant surgery and take an x-ray to determine if you have enough bone in your jaw to proceed. Remember, everything we do is transparent. We will discuss the entire procedure with you and final costs before any of the work gets done.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

When we started to research at the celebrities that have cosmetic or dental implant surgery, we weren’t surprised this name came up on the list. Healthy teeth are everything and even though Catherine Zeta- Jones is clearly a beautiful woman, she’s taken the time to enhance her smile.

Any kind of smile makeover always makes you look younger for the cameras. Of course, that translates into everyday life for our clients.We specialize in a variety of industry-leading features including same-day appointments. When you take advantage of what our dental implants Singapore have to offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the lack of adhesives that are required.

George Clooney

Although there might not be definite proof that George Clooney has had dental implants, he’s certainly had a makeover done to his smile. If you look at some before and after pictures of this famous actor, you’ll notice his smile has a whiter shade.

He also looks more confident and happier. If you decide that you’d like to get dental implants from us, we’ve laid out the procedure so there’s nothing left to chance. Any teeth that need to be removed are taken out and the dental implants are placed all within the same 24-hour period.

We know that you’ll be happy with the dental implants Singapore you choose with us.

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