Let us tell you briefly why you should come to a Nuffield All on 4 Clinic. We are the one and only affiliate of MALO DENTAL in Singapore.

Usage of only Dental Implants made in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known of the quality of most of its products – not just watches ! We only use the highest quality of Swiss made dental implants. Nobel Biocare is our preferred dental implant system for the All on 4 procedure. Nobel Biocare is a known pioneer in the field of innovative implant-based dental restoration from single tooth to full edentulous indications.

Low Radiation CT scanners and a focus on Advanced Technology

All Nuffield All on 4 Dental Clinics are equipped with VATECH Green CT Scanners and Xray equipment which give a comparably lower radiation dose. All equipment used at Nuffield Dental Clinics are at the forefront of dental technology and we continually upgrade our equipment for our patients’ benefit.

Extreme focus on sterility

Sterility is the foundation on which your trust and faith in your dentist begins.

You can place your trust on the sterility process observed at Nuffield Healthcare. We utilise high end vacuum autoclave machines which are absolutely essential for the All on 4 implant process.


Nuffield All on 4 Clinics have brought together experts and the technical skill in order for you to have successful All on 4 treatments in each independent clinic. Even if you need intravenous sedation, you can have this at your Nuffield All on 4 Dental Clinic.

The Nuffield brand – a reputation you can trust

There is no need to go anywhere apart from staying in sunny Singapore in order to have the best treatment for your peace of mind and comfort. Singapore is a 1st world country which prides itself on being at the forefront of technology. The Nuffield brand promises quality and

As short as 24 hours

You can now transform your smile, regain confidence and change your life forever in as little as 24 hours.


High success rate

All of the Implants used at Nuffield Dental Clinics have an extremely high success rate due to the Nuffield Treatment Protocols and especially the implant materials that we use.


Tailored Solutions

Everybody has different treatment needs and plans. At Nuffield All on 4 Dental Clinics we will advise you of a tailor made solution based on your needs and budget.



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