You may have questions before your initial consultation and sometimes even after the consultation with a Nuffield All on 4 Dentist.

We have a few Frequently Asked Questions which will be of use to you.

You may want to clarify further details if you feel that your particular question has not been addressed, please feel free to book another consultation with your initial Nuffield All on 4 Dentist.

I want to have a new set of teeth but I am afraid I am too old and my bone height is very low. Am I still suitable for the Nuffield All on 4 procedure ?

Sometimes it is true that in advanced bone loss it is not possible for the All on 4 procedure to be done. However it might be instead more suitable for longer implants (Zygomatic implants) to be inserted into part of the cheek bones in order to support the fixed bridge. It would be best to have a CT scan done at a Nuffield All on 4 Clinic in order to ascertain your suitability. This does increase the cost of treatment however it is in many cases the only ‘graftless’ option available for such patients.

What is the main difference between my full upper denture and the All on 4 bridge ?

It would rather be simpler to say that the All on 4 bridge would be life changing. Unlike a denture which has to be removed for cleaning or when you go to sleep, the Nuffield All on 4 bridge requires daily brushing as you would for your normal teeth. It is fixed in the mouth and you will be able to eat and speak confidently without any potential embarrassment of a denture falling out.

Will I be put to sleep for the All on 4 surgery ?

The vast majority of All on 4 surgeries are done under Local Anaesthetic which ensures that you are pain-free and comfortable. However if you wish to have General Anaesthesia instead or Intravenous Sedation, please let your Nuffield Dentist know and your treatment will be planned accordingly.

Are there any risks involved?

During the initial healing, some patients expect minor bruising, discomfort and bleeding. Post-surgery, you may also experience numbness in your lips.

How long will the immediately fitted Acrylic All on 4 bridge last for ?

Following Surgery, there will be a temporary acrylic bridge made. This bridge is suitable for Speech, Function and certainly Aesthetics. This is then replaced at 4-6 months by the Malo Acrylic Bridge – this has a titanium milled bar with acrylic teeth. Should you wish to have a premium option then you should consider the Malo Ceramic Bridge. Please be aware that the biting forces for each individual may differ

Can I use Medisave towards my All on 4 procedure?

Yes, you will be able to use Medisave towards partial payment of the surgical portion of the All on 4 Implant procedure at Nuffield Dental Clinics. For more information on Medisave, please click on the following link https://www.nuffielddental.com.sg/medisave/. Your Nuffield Treatment Coordinator will give you a full breakdown of the costs involved.

How soon can I have the treatment done ?

You literally control the speed at which this process is done. The moment you have made up your mind and have ensured that work and leave arrangements have been suitably addressed, we will be able to do your surgery for you within 24-48 hours notice.

Is it possible for me to have the Malo Ceramic bridge instead of the cheaper acrylic alternative on the same day of All on 4 surgery ? How long will this Malo Ceramic bridge last ?

The average lifespan of a Malo Ceramic All on 4 Bridge truly depends on how it is cared for and your medical and dental general health. However it is safe to assume that it should last for at least 10-15 years. It is vital that you seek regular maintenance of your All on 4 dental implants with a hygienist and examined by a dentist to ensure that the implants are kept healthy.

Where are your clinics ?

Nuffield All on 4 Dental Clinics in Singapore are located at Nuffield Dental Seletar 6481 4261, Nuffield Dental Kovan – 6281 4313, The Dental Implant Centre Raffles Place 6532 2644, Nuffield Dental Serangoon Gardens – 6280 7909, Nuffield Dental Simpang Bedok – 6702 3238, Nuffield Dental Siglap – 6636 1303, Smile Makers Dental Clinic Novena – 6397 2739, Nuffield Dental HarbourFront – 6264 0422 (or) email us at hello@nuffielddental.com.sg.

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