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After surgery, all All on 4 patients at Nuffield Dental Clinics will have an acrylic bridge fitted. This bridge is replaced in 4-6 months time with a MALO Acrylic bridge – this includes a titanium frame with acrylic teeth. At Nuffield All on 4 Dental Clinics, we prefer either the MALO Acrylic Bridge (standard) or the MALO Ceramic Bridge (Premium) as the final All on 4 restorative option as it has optimal aesthetics and durability.

During the process towards making your final bridge we will use wax teeth to confirm the size, shape of the teeth and your bite position. It is imperative at this stage that you also participate in the customisation of this wax teeth setup as this will form the basis of the MALO Bridge that will be made via CAD/ CAM techniques.

All patients must be aware of the limitations of materials and the costs related to All on 4 bridge construction. The final MALO All On 4 bridges are made with Acrylic or Zirconia, the choice may be made based on cost or clinical limitations. The Acrylic bridge tends to wear faster.  However the Zirconia or MALO Ceramic Bridge is a much harder wearing material and aesthetically superior. The Ceramic Bridges are stunningly thin compared to the Acrylic Bridge. However, the ceramic layer may chip or fracture, especially if the biting forces (occlusion) is not analysed and adjusted.

At Nuffield Dental  we avoid using PMMA  for the temporary bridge as PMMA is a porous material that is prone to stains.