Pro Arch / All on 4 is a procedure to replace multiple missing teeth in your mouth. Four implants are surgically placed in the dental arch having missing teeth and a denture is then attached to it. The treatment involves placing dental implants and subsequent dental bridge on the same day. Hence, it is also referred to as “Teeth in a day”.


Are you having multiple failing teeth? Is wearing removable dentures affecting your social life? Is it stopping you from confidently eating or smiling in public? Do you feel your denture might fall out while eating or speaking? Removable dentures also involve routine night-time care and the use of denture adhesives. Want to simplify having artificial teeth? You might be a suitable candidate for All on 4 for teeth replacement. A full arch implant is similar to a denture except that it is fixed to your mouth. To understand the procedure and its suitability to you lets first know what is a dental implant. A tooth implant is titanium screw or post, surgically placed inside the jaw bone to mimic a tooth root. A dental crown or bridge is then fixed to it. An on-4 dental implant relies on the placement of dental implants in a way that elicits maximum support from the dense and strong jaw bone in front of the mouth. The posterior implants are usually inserted at an angle to optimize the strength of the prosthesis, thereby evenly distributing the chewing forces. This improves the function and durability of the artificial arch of teeth. The placement and angulation of the implant are such that it can be inserted in people with diminished bone density and strength. This saves you from undergoing invasive, time-consuming and expensive bone augmentation procedures. Once the implants are in place, acrylic or porcelain bridge is affixed. In some cases, in the maxillary (upper) arch, six implants may need to be positioned. You can discuss with your dental specialist about the types of dental bridges available. Acrylic bridges build on a titanium framework are the most common ones. You may alternatively opt for porcelain bridges. These are expensive compared to the acrylic ones, but are esthetically better and last longer.


You are a suitable candidate for on-4 implants if:

    • You have multiple failing teeth

    • You are a complete denture wearer

    • You have a removable partial denture in your mouth


Firstly, you need to visit a dentist to see if you are suited to get on-4 implants. This visit involves a complete examination of your oral cavity. Your medical history is also collected. Sometimes a pre-existing medical condition deems you unsuitable to either receive a dental implant or undergo a surgical procedure. CT scans or X-rays may also be performed during this visit, to assess bone strength and thickness. You may discuss the payment plan and insurance coverage during the visit. If you are found suitable to receive an on-4 dental implant, the dentist will enlist the presurgical care instructions. You may also be advised to get the remaining teeth removed. Routinely the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. However, if surgical procedures make you feel nervous or anxious, you may go for general or intravenous anaesthesia. You can discuss these with your oral healthcare provider prior to the procedure.


On the day of the procedure, remaining failing teeth if any are removed under anaesthesia. You may experience minor bruising, swelling, pain and bleeding post removal of the teeth. Immediately succeeding this, four or six tooth implants are placed in your jaw bone. Subsequently, a full arch acrylic or porcelain bridge is then placed on these implants. You regain a fully functional set of teeth in one day. You are advised to follow post-procedure dental care instructions diligently to ensure optimal success and longevity of the artificial teeth.

Benefits of All-on-4 implants

There are many established benefits of All-on-4 implants. As the implant-supported bridge is fixed to your mouth, you are not required to use dental adhesives. Routine removable denture care procedures are not needed. These implants supported bridges are better looking and have a function equivalent to natural teeth. A single sitting procedure saves you the time and expense of multiple sittings. As the procedure involves the usage of dense bone, it prevents you from undergoing a time-consuming and expensive bone graft. A fixed set of artificial teeth is hassle-free. You are able to speak and eat without the fear of denture falling from the mouth. This helps regains your confidence and enhances the quality of life.
All-on-4 implants are associated with complications like failure, infection, bleeding and poor healing. In rare cases wherein the implant does not integrate with your bone, you may need to get it removed and replaced. Dietary factors, habits like smoking and inferior bone quality, contribute to the failure of implants. Dental implants are usually associated with a high success rate. You must pledge your full cooperation to your dentist to make an All-on-4 implant treatment successful.

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